Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fun fun meal planning. borrow from library.

Wanna go for something easy and asian-flavors.will find some more at the library on Saturday.

I'll look for.

Recipes for rice and grains. (prefer asian style because no milk and cheese)
Recipes for noodles. (ways to cook noodles)
Salads and dips and salsa.
Slow cooking or crockpot. (สำหรับข้าวหน้าต่าง ๆ )
Stir fry variety.
Soups and curry.
Bake meals ( using oven )
Bread book
Cake book
Ice cream (healthy one)
Easy snacks or app.
Healthy desserts

Sources : internet and books. list on the blog and make them! Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Philipines, and etc.

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