Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pad Se Ew ( Pan fry noodle in black soy sauce )

Here I am again! Making some quick-dish to serve my husband. I could say that I am very good in stir-frying food because I do it everyday. Today, I have another easy dish for you to try.

Anyone like noodles? I'm sure you are, right? :)

Let's prepare the ingredients real quick!

All you need is :

Fresh Noodle (you can buy it from any Asian store) see the picture
Meat (Chicken, pork, beef or anything you want.) I use pork. Slice into pieces.
An egg
Minced Garlic
Black soy sauce
Soy sauce or Fish sauce
White pepper powder
vegetable oil
For vegatables : you can add anything such as carrots, mushrooms etc. For the authentic one, we uasually use Chinese Broccoli. see the picture

Let's Make it

1. Heat the oil until warm, fry the garlic for a about 3 seconds, add meat and stir-fry until the meat is cooked.

2. Add the fresh noodle and flip a few times. Add a little bit of black soy sauce (just to give it a little bit color). Then season it with fish sauce or soy sauce, sugar and pepper. I like it a little bit sweet more than salty. Just make it the way you like it.

3. When the noodle is compleatly mixed with the seasoning, add an egg and then flip a few times for it to cook through. At this time, add Chinese broccoli and stir it for a bit and it's done.

Tips : Because Chinese Broccoli cooked fast so we add it at last. For other vegetables that takes longer to cook, you have to add it after the meat is half cooked so the vegetables will be completely cooked when the dish is finished

Another thing is that if the oil is not enough, it will stick to the pan. To fix it and prevent the food from burning is to add a little more oil and a little water and don't over do it.

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