Sunday, September 7, 2008

Kang Kiew Wan Moo (Green Curry Pork)


For first time making curry, See my post on How to make authentic Thai curries
Prepare : Pork / cut into chunk or pieces, zucchini /cut, Thai basil (Horapa), lime leaves and fresh chili (if you like it hot)

Green curry paste, coconut milk, fish sauce and palm sugar for seasoning

How to make :

The reason why I didn't specify the amount of the curry paste or coconut milk in the recipe because you will determine it in the process of making. A can of coconut milk will produce enough curry for 2-3 people. The amount of curry paste decides the degree of hot and salty flavour(for bought curry paste) that you want in the curry. The usual amount is 1 tbs of curry paste for 2 cup of coconut milk (approximately) or 1 cup of meat(to desired hotness).

Tips : If you have time,stew the meat (beef,pork or chicken)in coconut milk in a separate pot until it reach the desired tenderness, especially for beef and combine with the curry sauce that you make later will make a perfect curry.

OK! Let's get started :

Follow the picture

1. Make the coconut milk separate by heat the pot very hot and pour the thick creamy part of coconut milk into the pot about 3-4 tbs. Stir the edge constantly to prevent from burning.

2. When it separated, you will see the oil layer on the surface bubbling. Put in the green curry paste. ( I put in 2 tsp because I make just a small bowl) Stir and cook the curry paste in the coconut milk. Add more thick part of coconut milk a little bit at a time and keep it bubbling and separate in to oil layer. You will see the green color now in picture 2.

3. Add meat and vegetable and gradually add coconut milk (that you mix with water) a little bit at a time. Bright to high heat. Add lime leaves and taste it. Add palm sugar and fish sauce to your taste. Green curry should be a little more sweet from palm sugar and coconut milk with the salty flavour from fish sauce.

4. When everything is cooked add Thai basil and serve.

You can make a large portion and keep it in the freezer, too. Just don't cook the vegetable too much or it will be over cooked when reheat :).

I hope you enjoy the curry!

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