Monday, August 18, 2008

What do you gain from cooking?

Since I have been working in the kitchen for more than two years now. I got a lot from practicing my skill in cooking. Besides from the organizing skill, I became more patient with everything in my life.

Since I have found my interest in cooking and desire to know my own cuisine more and more, I have tried a lot of things such as traditional Thai desserts and many kind of dishes that has it's own unique way in preparing and cooking some ingredients. These things takes time to practice the skill to get the perfect result. I failed many times , but each time I have always learned something new.

Cooking can be come sort of meditation when you put your mind into it. I notice that the more I put my heart in every detail of the process, the more perfect result will come. When I space out during cooking, my food become less favorable to anybody. Try this and you will know that it's true :).

These are the vegetables that I carved into flowers.
Thai cuisine is usually decorated with carved fruit and vegetable. I am amazed at how people in the past can carve vegetables so beautiful like that. It takes heart into making such delicate thing not only as a beautiful display, but the perfect blend of flavours as well. This became my inspiration in creating something new and practice always makes perfect.

These are some inspiration I got from cooking. It's a way to learn about myself and express my creativity. You don't need to be a great cook or a great artist. Just put your heart into it and everything will be a great creation, created only by you. :)

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