Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tod Mun Moo ( Curried Pork Patties )


This is the easy one to prepare for an Appetizer or have it with rice and other dishes to accompany with :).

Ingredients :

1 Cup Fresh ground pork
1 Table spoon Red Curry paste
1 Table spoon Fish sauce ( Use less if making as appetizer )
1 Tea spoon of Sugar
1 egg
a pinch of corn starch and baking soda
2 Table spoon of minced lime leaves
I added some vegetables, it's optional

Arjard ( vegetable relish )

3 Tea spoon of Sugar
1 Tea spoon of Salt
1/8 Cup Vinegar
sliced cucumber, chili and shallots ( I added carrot, it's optional )
ground roasted peanuts
minced coriander ( optional )
mix everything together, serve with Tod Mun Moo

Lets make it :

1. Mix everything together

2. Form to patties with your hands, if it sticks, rinse your hands with water before forming it.

3. Deep fry!

Easy, right ?;)

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