Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kanom Kluay (Steamed Banana Cake)


Today's dessert is steamed banana cake. Actually in Thai is called 'Kanom Kluay'. It's traditional Thai dessert that is easy to make and you can find it anywhere in Thailand. I got a lot of banana today and it's riping more and more quickly so I decided to something about it. I have some banana leaves in my fridge so I wrapped some of the cakes with it. It looks nice, isn't it? ;)

Even you don't have any banana leaves, it doesn't matter. Just small little cups will do just fine :). Besides, it cooked faster!

The banana that you use must be very ripen and yellow so the cake is sweet. (Sweetness from banana)

Mashed banana 2 cups
Topioca flour 8 table spoon
Glutinous rice flour 4 table spoon
Rice flour 1 cup
Sugar 1 cup
Cononut milk 1 cup
Shredded coconut meat (optional) 3/4 cup

All of these ingredients can be found at any Asia food store. If you can find only Rice flour, it's fine, you can use only rice flour, but the blend of flour in the recipe give a little bit more flavor and texture to the cake.

Let's make it

1. Combine all the flour, sugar and banana in a bowl. Knead and squeez the mixture with your hand for 10 minutes. This will give time for the flour to absorb sugar and banana.

2. Gradually add coconut milk and stir for another 5 minutes until well blend. You can use the blender,too.

3. Now bring your steamer to a boil, while waiting, arrange small cups in the steamer and drop the mixture into each cup. You can fill the whole cup, it's not going to fluff out when it's cooked. Top it with shreded coconut meat. Usually I put a little salt to mix with it so when eating, it's going to be a contrast between the sweetness of the cake and a little salty and creamy from coconut meat. I put some on banana leaves as shown.

In the picture, I use my old traditional cups which is ceramic and in Thai it's called ' Tuoy Ta Lai'. I also found some stanless steel cups for dipping sauce in the mall. I bought a set of it, too. It works just fine as the ceramic cups, as long as it can stay in the heat of the steamer. So any kind cups will do.

4.When the water is boiling, steam the cakes for 10-15 minutes and it's done! To get more chewy texture, steam for more time. (about 5-10 minutes as you like)

Tell me how do you like it :)

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