Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The secret of delicious fried rice.

Fried rice is a quick dish that you can make easily at home.

Because rice is the main dish that we must have every meal, sure there must be some leftover that we must keep it for the next day.

And the perfect choice for the next meal is fried rice! Why? Because the rice is cooled and dry enough to make a delicious-non-greasy-fried-rice dish. :D

Tips for your fried rice meal
1. If you don't have leftover rice but want to make fried rice, cook rice by decrease the amount of water a little bit, so the rice will not be too soft. For rice cooking method, you can look at my post here.

2. Use a little bit of oil to fried garlic (or other fragrant herbs/vegetables) until golden and aromatic, then add meat, vegetables and rice. If you want to add an egg, set aside the rice in the pan to give enough space for the egg. Add the egg and stir in a steady quick motion so the egg is cook throughly with the rice until done.

3. The tempurature: Medium-High. Always.

4. Want it to be more enjoyble? Have it with a bowl of clear soup and close the meal with a sweet tooth dessert. :D

Today, I have a fried-rice recipe for you. It's an original one from Thailand. You can order from any restaurant on the streets. This is my first picture. Sorry if it's kind of dark and not so colorful haha. Please forgive me. I'm try to take food picture to be more bright and nicer so I can put in more pictures for you as I cook along.

Thai fried rice

1 cup of rice (cool in the fridge before use if you have just cooked the rice)
1 egg
1/2 table spoon of chopped garlic
4-5 slices of tomato
Chinese broccoli, cut in pieces. Only leaves and soft stems.
sliced onion, as much as you want
Meat, any kind of meat that you want. In this recipe, I use pork.
fish sauce
dark soy sauce ( to give colour )
a pinch of salt
a pinch of pepper
1 table spoon of vegetable oil
coarsely chopped cilantro and green onion

1. heat oil in the wok or pan, when the oil is warm ( you can feel the temparature with one hand above the wok/pan, it feels warm) fried the garlic until aroma.
2. Add pork stir fry until the pork is cooked throughly, stir in vegetables( onion, tomato and Chinese broccoli) and rice. Season with a little bit of dark soy sauce to give color, fish sauce, salt and sugar. Taste it until you like it.
3. set aside the rice in the wok/pan to give space for the egg, add the egg and beat lightly stir the rice back on to the egg and wait for a minute than stir quickly in a steady motion until the egg in goden and throughly cooked.
4. Now we're done. Serve on a nice plate with chopped cilantro and green onion on top. Add a pinch of pepper if you like.

For spicy lover : Make a hot sauce to go with the dish.
Mix fish sauce with coarsely chopped Thai chilli or add a little bit of lime juice if like.

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