Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The organized cooking

I used to think that cooking is not something that I would do. I lived with my mother who loves to buy food more than cook food. So I never really wanted to learned how to cook. Everytime that I started to cook something, it seemed that everything was all messy. Even one dish made me feel tired the whole day. ( Wheew! )

Now that I grew up. I got married and have to cook for my family. That was when I started to cook everyday until I became more organized. It took some time and patience. Now I realize that cooking is not messy anymore when you know how to manage it. It will be fun and everything will be ready on the table at the same time !

First thing we need is to plan a meal. Let’s say you are planing a dinner. I have posted about meal planing before. Now you have come up with a menu with a soup, salad, and 2 main dishes. ( for example) One dish is a stir- fry dish. Another one is a curry. Now where should we begin?

I always make a preparation first so when I start to cook, it will be done faster than preparing only one dish at a time. ( plus the dish will be hot and ready to serve at the same time. Some of the dish will not be good once it’s reheat such as a stir-fry dish because the vegetables can go mushy and not crispy anymore.)

OK. Now we prepare everything on the table. Get the pots and pans handy and get ready ;).

Make soup by boiling water. While you wait for the water to boil, you can slice meat, cut vegetables, herbs etc. as required for the recipe ( of each dish ).
Now the water is boiling, make the soup
While waiting for the soup to be done, make the curry because you need to watch it until everything is in the pot and then you can leave it on the stove for a while to let the ingredients cook and tender.
Now move to the Salad. Get the ingredients in the bowl. Dressing on the side and ready to mix .
When soup and curry ready. It’s time for a stir-fry dish. Heat the oil until it’s hot enough and then you start to cook the dish….only 5 minutes approximately.
Mix the Salad and dinner is ready!
This process can take only 45 mins to an hour which is not bad at all for a dinner, isn’t it?
Don’t worry about the bowls and plates that you have to use while doing the preparation. Don’t put everything together on the cutboard. It will not be easier at all and besides, the meat and vegetables when they are on the same cutboard using the same knife, it can go cross-contamination. You can do dishes after dinner, right? If you can wash dishes along while you cook, that would be the best way because you won’t have to handle those dishes later.

Quick tip for pots & pans cleaning !

I tried it before and it works :). After you’re done with the pots & pans, there will be some burnt stain on them, right? Just pour hot water in the pot/pan that you used and then let it sit there while you have dinner with family. After you’re done with the meal. Turn on the stove and let the water boils for a while, this will get the stain out quickly. Use a pot scrubber scrub it in the sink with runing water and dish detergent. It will come out easily. Wipe pots/pans with dry clean towel and keep it its place.

Try to be organized a little bit at a time and it will get easier everytime you do it. Practice makes perfect and I hope you will get some inspiration and have fun with your cooking.

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