Saturday, July 26, 2008

Vegetarian Basil Fried Rice

Today I'm starving for something spicy. So I made this Vegatarian Basil Fried Rice You can put any kind of vegetables in there, but don't forget the basil. he he

Fresh basil (Just the leaves, no stems )
A few cloves of garlic, crushed
Fresh chili, crushed (just a few if you don't want it too hot )
Vegetables, chopped into small pieces
In this picture I use onion, zuchini, green pepper and red pepper in it.
Cooked rice, Chilled in the fridge.
Soy Sauce, Sugar, and white pepper for seasoning
vegetable oil

To cook

1. Heat the oil the wok or frying pan until the oil is warm. ( Just one tablespoon of oil or less )
2. Fry garlic and fresh chili until golden color, add other vegetables and rice.
3. Season to your taste. Stir the rice until mixed well and the rice are all covered with seasonings.
4. Add fresh basil to the rice, stir a few times and done.

Now enjoy it! ^_^
* Sometimes, I also add tofu in it, too.

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