Monday, July 28, 2008

Taste Buds

My little brother is not well today. He doesn't taste anything in his food. Losing the sense of taste can happen from time to time when we are sick. I lost my sense of smell and taste when I catch a cold or having a fever. This condition is vary from person to person.

But there is another reason why some people can never enjoy the taste of the food when everybody seems to enjoy it. For them, the food is always doesn't taste right.

Here's what I found out from my family's eating habit (especially, the kids).

1. Always eat MSG snacks which you are already know as some commercial brands on TV.

2. Food that contains artificial flavour too much. Some citric acid in sour gum and such ruins the taste buds. That's why it hurts in the tongue after eating these sweets.

3. When eating in the restaurant or even at home, always added more seasoning that is unnecessary. Make it too salty, hot or sour really hurts the taste buds even it feels good when eating but it's not good for health.

4. Too much alcohol drinks. ( for adults )

So, to change these habits, I need to help them chose what to eat and make food that doesn't contain MSG or too much seasoning. In this way, we decrease the toxin that we take into our bodies. Drinking lots of water will help flushing out the toxin and healing the taste buds. I am helping them to enjoy the natural flavour of the food. This takes time but it can be healed. :)

Also I have noticed lately with myself that every time that my period has come, my food will taste more salty. ( That's what my family told me ) It's possible that my sense of taste will be abnormal for a few days, especially for salty flavour. This is just my case :). I don't know if anyone have a problem with it or not.

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