Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Meal Planning, the blend of flavors.

Thai food is the cuisine that the family get to eat together as a group. We used to live in a big family society. Now that things changed. The size of the families are smaller but still, they eat dinner together and a meal will have 3-4 different kind of dishes to go with rice.

Anybody that is familiar with Thai food will know this fact. When you are planing for a nice dinner. There are a few tips which can help you plan a variety one.

The dishes should have different type of cooking or a blend of different textures. I mean, if you have one stir-fry(mild) dish, you might want another dish as a curry (soft texture, hot) and the other one will be something deep fried(crispy) to go with curry. Not that we can’t have dishes with the same cooking method. It’s about flavors and texture that you can make it more interesting. Two stir fry dishes can go together if they don’t compete with each other. For example, one hot dish can’t go with another hot dish. Remember to blend the flavors : Sweet, Salty, Sour, hot and bitter.

Anything that cooks with a lot of oil can cut the oily taste with the sour one. Mostly you can make Thai salad dishes which mostly use lime dressing as the main ingredient.

One hot meal ( spicy one ) finish with a sweet tooth dessert will be really satisfying. I will show all the hot and cold desserts I used to make for my family. I will be fun :).

Even a beverage can support or distract the flavors of the meal. DON’T drink coffee with Thai food. It doesn’t really go together. You can have it after the meal.

Anyway,the most important thing that matter is the person who's going to have the meal. What do you want to eat and what’s your family favorites? Get all that on the table! Make it your own style.


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